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Mr. Tulip says: “Welcome!”

Experience Holland in the best possible way: besides spotting windmills, dutch cheese and clogs you have to see the colorful tulip gardens of Mr. Tulip! Tulips were cultivated decades ago, to sell and ship them to all corners of the world. That’s why Mr. Tulip Tours is located near the trading city of Amsterdam. Within half an hour (from this Dutch capital) you’ll see a beautiful pallet of all kinds of colored tulips on the fields and in the greenhouses of Mr. Tulip.

The little tulip bulbs are cultivated into a beautiful flowering tulip with great care of Mr. Tulip himself. Join Mr. Tulip on one of his tours and discover the growth of the tulips in the greenhouses and the fields and become a tulip expert yourself!

Create your own personal Tulip Tour together with Mr. Tulip! Below you’ll see an example of an original Mr. Tulip Tour.

Discover your own tulip tour

Mr. Tulip is honored to meet you!

After a warm welcome, some drinks and a short history of Mr. Tulip Tours, the tour begins. First you’ll get to see how the tulip bulbs are cultivated. At winter this is shown in the greenhouses and in the summer on the fields.

Planting the tulips

Planting the tulips is precision work and takes time. Maybe you know how to plant the bulb?

The growth of tulips

Slowly, with enough water and sunlight, the tulip bulbs are starting to grow and become a beautiful flowering tulip.

Tulips in the greenhouse

Tulips of different ages give a clear picture of the development. Eventually the beautiful tulips are ready to be harvested.

Tulips in the fields

During spring the tulip fields reach the horizon. Every year Mr. Tulip cultivates in total up to 40 million tulip bulbs. It is therefore a wonderful experience to walk through this sea of tulips.