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Book your tour now! Mr Tulip Tours has three kinds of tours:

  1. Short tour
  2. Normal tour
  3. Full Package tour

Every tour is adjustable to your wishes. Please tell us your preferences in the comments and we organize a customized tour for you!

Due to great interest in the spring tours, there will be a maximum number of registrations. So be quick because full = full!

April en May

During spring (april and may) the tulips on the fields are in full bloom, we offer special packages during this season:

Evening sun between the tulips

Costs: € 6,95 p.p. (kids for free, full is full)

  • Enjoy the evening sun between the tulips on the beautiful blooming fields.
  • Keep an eye on our social media channels for dates and times.

Tour through the tulip fields

Costs: € 6,95 p.p. (minimal 12 persons)

  • Come and visit Mr. Tulip at a moment indicated by you. Learn everything about the tulips and make the most beautiful photos between all tulip splendor.



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