Meet Mr. Tulip

Nice to meet you, I’m Joost from Mr. Tulip Tours!

When I was younger I helped my father with cultivating tulips in our family business. Now I know exactly how the process from tulip bulb to flowering tulip is put together! During my internship abroad I found out that growing flowers is not only interesting for farmers, but also many other interested people wanted to know and see how the process works. Normally only farmers get access to the tulip fields, but Mr. Tulip gives you the privilege to view the tulips up close and see how the cultivating process works!

Once back in the Netherlands I started with organizing tours for friends and family. Now it’s such a success that it has become part of our business! With our tours we hope to give interested parties some lovely insights into our beautiful family company and of course, the tulip. Come and meet Mr. Tulip himself, one of a million lovely tulips from the family company of entrepeneur Joost!


The pictures below will give you an idea of a tulip tour.